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This version of the Produce Match Tickets app. Is coded to work in an external website  where the

app is embeded or iframed ( eg here) without the need to use contentservice jsonp and dynamic script tags.

The app is "Produce Match Tickets for embed". It utilises:-

 return t.evaluate().setXFrameOptionsMode(HtmlService.XFrameOptionsMode.ALLOWALL); in the code.js file

and target="_self" instead of target="_top" in Html file. It must also be published with 'execute as me'

and  access to app as 'anyone even anonymous'  for it to work when the google account of the creator is not open. Any other linked html pages which may be in the app must also target _self. so that they open within the iframe. If they are set as ' _top' they will open in the page with the usual warning and report abuse messages. NB the contentservice jsonp & dynamic script tag approach is currently used on the display of fixtures embeded in this website (leagues page)

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